The Love of a Dog

The good Lord has given us many gifts in life. Parents, brothers, sisters, friends of all races and colors, dogs and cats are all gifts from God.  They are in our lives for us to love and learn from.  In my case, I love dogs, all dogs, all colors, large and small.  This blog is about my dog ChuChu Charlie, a Keeshond.

Today is a sad day for me as I had to say goodbye to a special needs dog named Chu Chu Charlie. Charlie came to us at a time when we were losing another Keeshond named Annie who was getting ready to cross the Rainbow Bridge due to a long battle with cancer. Charlie and Annie became good friends right away.  Keeshond dogs are amazing the way they adapt to each other. It is always a tough decision to make but I let the pets tell me when they are ready to leave.  Medical tests last week showed that calcium levels and liver enzymes were too high and Charlie  was not responding to new medications prescribed 4 months prior.  I knew if would be a short time before it was time to say goodbye to my special needs dog.  We loved each other unconditioanlly. We bonded from the first time we saw each other. The good Lord meant for me to have this dog in my life.  He knew I would take care of him and love him. He also knew that I needed to be loved by this dog.  So we were both lucky to have each other.  You see, a pet just wants love and a good home.  Charlie was a Keeshond with special needs, although I did not know that when I adopted him.  He was happy and loving and the best dog I could ever hope to have in my life.  His colors were black and grey with tan paws.  You see, my dog groomer telephoned me one morning to let me know that the dogs owner has passed away the evening before and the family was taking him to be groomed before taking him to the pound.  Without question, my husband went to the groomers to bring the dog home. He adjusted immediately as he knew we were dog lovers and he had found his new home.  I call this the work of God sending Charlie to us.  After a couple of hours, a family member telephoned me and asked if she could meet us. So we went to the groomers location to talk with her to assure her that ChuChu would be loved and well taken care of. I asked if the dog has any medical problems as he was overweight. She said he had not been to the vet in a number of years and thought for sure he needed updating of his vacinations.  The next day, we took Chu Chu Carlie to our vet office for blood work  to see if he had any medical problems we needed to address. Since he was drinking a lot of water, we thought he had diabetes but found out it was Cushings Disease.  After an intense 3 months of testing with various doses of medications, he leveled out at 10 mg Trilostane.  Charlie did quite well for a number of years and led a comfortable happy life.  He was always happy and never did anything wrong. He was perfect. He was a gift sent to me to love.  How lucky I was to have him in my life. As time went on, we adopted a Husky and and rescued another Keeshond as companions for Charlie.  Charlie was the Alpha so the other dogs knew who was boss. I used to call him “Little Boss” when he put the other 2 dogs in their place if they were playing to rambunctious.

During the years he had Charlie, he was our faithful companion always at my side, ready to love and be loved. His sweet face and  happy smile. Forever in my heart, Charlie I will always be with you. YOU will always be with me in my heart forever.  Rest in peace my sweet Baby Charles as I used to call you, and THANK YOU for being a part of my life and being the best dog I could ever hope to have.